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        Chris Moustakas

        April 19, 2022

        DevonWay ESG & Sustainability: Why and Why Now

        On April 12, we announced the launch of the new DevonWay ESG & Sustainability software solution (see the press release here). The DevonWay team and I are thrilled to bring this new offering to market – here’s why.
        November 24, 2020

        Gratitude and Thanks

        Today, November 24, 2020, is Day #257 of lockdown in San Francisco. With Thanksgiving in two days,...

        September 21, 2020

        COVID, Wildfires, and Hurricanes: EHS Software Is There To Help Keep People Safe

        As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, the western United States is currently going through one of the...

        August 28, 2020

        Customer Story: One Process At A Time

        Last month I explained that what our software helps companies do at the end of the day is automate...

        July 31, 2020

        What’s Your Problem?

        One of our biggest challenges when we talk to people who aren’t familiar with DevonWay is...

        June 23, 2020

        DevonWay Mid-Year Update

        Saturday, June 20 was a milestone date for two reasons. First, it was the solstice (happy summer...

        May 20, 2020

        Product Spotlight: Supplier Management

        Today I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about our Supplier Management product, primarily...

        April 13, 2020

        Announcing a Covid-19 Tracking Solution

        As we watched the Coronavirus pandemic flare out across the world during the early weeks in March,...

        March 18, 2020

        UPDATE: DevonWay’s Response to COVID-19

        Like all responsible companies during these chaotic times, we’re closely monitoring the COVID-19...

        February 18, 2020

        Viewing Data On Your Mobile Device

        In the 2020 development roadmap blog I mentioned that one of the big things we want to do this year...