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        Announcing a Covid-19 Tracking Solution

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        As we watched the Coronavirus pandemic flare out across the world during the early weeks in March, it didn’t take long for us to realize that you don’t have to be traveling to a war zone to be putting yourself at risk. Increasingly frequent extreme weather events, coupled with the reality of how quickly viral outbreaks can spread in an ever-more-connected world, means that all travel has the potential to pose an unacceptable risk. 

        For large organizations with a distributed workforce, many of whom could be on business travel on any given day, the ability to easily know who’s where, and when, is key to providing timely resources and assistance – or, even better, blocking non-essential travel to areas with active travel advisories. 

        Over the last three weeks, we used our platform to design, build, and release an Employee Safety Tracking solution that does just that – give companies the visibility they need to make sure their employees are safe, have the resources they need, and minimize exposure to dangerous situations.  

        What’s more, the solution doesn’t depend on privacy-assaulting location technology running in the background – just public advisory databases like the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus resource center, honest self-reporting of business travel (which people need to do in order to file their expense reports anyway), and a smart workflow and notification engine that cross-references the two and alerts people when there’s a situation that needs to be handled or averted. 

        Transparency is knowledge, and knowledge is the power to avoid unnecessary safety risks. For more information on our approach to helping our EHS customers, please visit the solution page or contact us