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        DevonWay Explained (Part 3): The Kindergarten Teacher

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        As the 80s begat the 90s, we became a more plugged-in world. Then when the 90s turned into the 2000s, we started unplugging. But whether we were jamming on a walkman, a discman or to the soundtrack from Juwanna Mann, we’ve always had a quest to feel connected. And to help relate to the idea of connectivity, we present values through the words of a Kindergarten teacher:


        “OK, kids, you can use your devices.”

        Yes, there’s an app. And, yes, it makes us the coolest kids on the playground. A single-entry system accessible through the single-most used device in your life. Feel free to use it during recess if you’d like.


        “It’s not tattling if it’s keeping us safe!”

        In school, nobody likes a “Goody Two Shoes,” but in the real world, they’re pretty important. So it’s our responsibility to provide all Goody Two Shoes team members the outlet to file anonymous reports. That way, the company benefits, and the good samaritan doesn’t end up with a mean nickname.


        “Sharing is caring!”

        DevonWay is like the kid in school who invites everybody to his birthday party. Whether it’s one of our favorites, or another kid (well, system), it’s totally cool. We’re easily connected to all systems to create reports based on trends. And, yes, everybody gets a goodie bag!


        “I’m sending a note home.”

        Famed philosopher Ferris Bueller was long past Kindergarten when he said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” Clearly in reference to software systems, Professor Bueller identifies the problem we’ve solved using automated notifications. Be alerted to new assignments, get reminders for upcoming deadlines, and set up customized alerts to see if your hunch on a trend proves true (including when someone may be taking a “day off.”)


        “Eyes in the back of my head.”

        Everybody had a teacher, who pulled that line out. And we all believed it. Luckily, times have evolved and biological impossibilities have been replaced by technological realities. Supervisors using DevonWay have more than just multiple eyes, they have multiple ways to track their employees or processes to see who’s performing well, what struggles are happening, or who is kicking whom under the desk.