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        More Ideagen Capabilities to Improve Your Company’s Productivity

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        Recently, the Ideagen acquisition of DevonWay was formally approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), marking the final part of the legal process. 

        This landmark moment means Ideagen DevonWay customers can start benefiting from being part of a global business with deep regulatory expertise. 

        Ideagen – a global company dedicated to the safety and sustainability of highly regulated, high-risk industries – offers a variety of solutions that complement the asset, work, quality, and safety management capabilities of Ideagen DevonWay. 

        Their purpose is to help organizations turn risk into resilience and transform their approach to health, safety, quality, risk and compliance management. But in what ways can Ideagen DevonWay specifically help its customers? If improved productivity and siloed working is a concern, here’s a few options your company could consider bringing into your corner: 

        Ideagen PleaseReview: Controlled document collaboration 

        What it is:

        Ideagen PleaseReview is a collaborative document review, co-authoring and redaction software application that lets everyone work together to create and deliver high-quality documents. 

        Who can benefit: 

        Used extensively in highly regulated and heavily audited environments such as life sciences, where multiple medical writers may work on pharmaceutical development, Ideagen PleaseReview could benefit any organization that collaborates on documents. Document collaboration is critical to business, but it’s a complicated, expensive process that takes a lot of time and effort to manage and is often a bottleneck in the document production process. As documents get bigger and more complex, more people need to be involved in their creation and review. And as more people are involved, the harder it is to understand what changes have been suggested and by whom. Ideagen PleaseReview gives a secure, controlled, web-based environment for real-time collaborative document review, co-authoring and redaction across groups, technologies and geographies.

        Top benefits: 

        • Faster turnaround times by cutting down the number of review cycles.
        • Everyone’s involved and working on the same copy of the same document.
        • Review content in the original format, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents.
        • Access anywhere with mobile access, and on or offline. 
        • Comment and feedback can be reviewed in real-time. 
        • Be audit-ready by automatically creating a report of all activity in review. 

        Learn more.

        Ideagen OnePlace Solutions: Solutions to simplify Microsoft 365

        What it is: 

        Ideagen OnePlace Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner and ISV providing SaaS solutions to enable people in business to do more, simply. It is used by organizations to increase productivity, empower modern workplace collaboration, and achieve intelligent information management and compliance. 

        Who can benefit: 

        Organizations looking to achieve more from their investment in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. The Ideagen OnePlace Solutions product suite provides a flexible way to connect, simplify and personalize business systems built on this platform. It provides industry expertise in multiple areas, including energy and infrastructure, engineering and manufacturing, government, healthcare, property construction and more. 

        Top benefits: 

        • Enable employees to engage with business solutions from where they work.
        • Simplify day-to-day tasks to help employees remain productive.
        • Build an intelligent, personalized and highly engaging legal document management solution. 
        • Improve communications, collaboration and productivity with product management features. 

        Learn more

        Ideagen Huddle: Collaboration portal for regulated industries

        What it is: 

        Ideagen Huddle’s cloud-based client portal enables a bespoke experience for firms to use with their clients, providing a safe and unique environment to review work, securely share information and collaborate efficiently.

        Who can benefit: 

        Regulated organizations that need to collaborate with external stakeholders, especially with work requiring extra security. Being able to share sensitive data and documents with others, whether internal or external, is a huge challenge in highly regulated environments. Many internal tools only provide limited access to external partners, making it tempting to collaborate on documents using unsecure channels. Huddle is the perfect solution to embed a single source of the truth into your company.

        Top benefits: 

        • Government-grade security and bank-level encryption.
        • Collaborate with control of document versions, co-editing, comments and revisions, all in real-time.
        • Stay efficient and keep projects on track by storing, requesting and organizing documents in an easy-to-manage environment. 
        • Protect client relationships and stay competitive by creating customizable company-branded central points to effectively project manage and communicate. 

        Learn more.

        Make the most of our solutions

        Interested in expanding your software solutions but not sure where to start? Reach out to Ideagen DevonWay to request a free demo, and we’ll walk you through our extensive capability together with the wider Ideagen suite of solutions to help your organization optimize its efficiency. Set up your demo today.