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        DevonWay Featured in Verdantix

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        Recently, DevonWay was included in a Verdantix Best Practices report centered around Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). While we are proud to be recognized as an industry leader in the space, EHS isn’t an activity or area of our business that we are participating in just to check off a box.  

        DevonWay has always been a platform and a company whose goal is to be a valuable tool and partner for every aspect of the quality management and safety ecosystem. For us, EHS isn’t just facilitating remote inspection workers’ ability to take a mobile snapshot and send it to quality and safety officers. EHS to us is the embodiment of how effective companies are in creating a culture of safety both inside and outside the facility. We have noticed that when companies commit to safety in the workplace, going above and beyond bare minimum requirements, typically the internal workplace and its stakeholders are aware of their effect on the environment both inside and outside the facility, maintaining constant alignment around committing to safe habits. 

        However, with businesses moving so fast in order to keep pace with customers’ needs, many times the time intensive nature of creating a safety culture inside and out falls by the wayside. There are only so many hours in a day. 

        That’s where we come in – through our cloud based EHS solutions our customers don’t have to worry about the tradeoff between making money and maintaining high safety standards. And for us, this is just the beginning. As we continue to evolve, we see EHS solutions representing a path that we will gladly continue to travel down in order to support our customers, their customers, and the industries they serve.