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        DevonWay Valentines

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        Happy Valentine's Day! At DevonWay, we're sending virtual Valentines in appreciation of all of our employees. 

        The average employee tenure at DevonWay is over five years — and almost ten years for members of the management team. That's a win for our customers, who benefit from the team's collective experience, and a win for employees, who enjoy and grow their careers here.

        "We always try to promote from within the company," says CEO Chris Moustakas, who joined DevonWay in 2006. "Employees can also move to different teams to get new challenges and continue to be highly valued contributors. We love getting referrals because great people know other great people. But we've also been fortunate to find amazing employees from outside of our personal referral networks."

        DevonWay has welcomed back quite a few employees who left the company for new experiences and then returned — including me. At a recent team dinner, a new employee asked several of us "boomerangers" (as we call ourselves) why we came back. Our answers were consistent: "Because of the people!" 


        Having worked at large public companies and small start-ups, I especially appreciate DevonWay's customer-first culture and how helpful employees are to each other. Though we work in multiple cities, some in DevonWay offices and some in home offices (especially during the pandemic), everyone is happy to lend a hand when needed. I try to avoid clichés, but it's true that "teamwork makes the dream work."

        I've recently spoken with several long-term DevonWay customers who shared with me their appreciation for the DevonWay team's dedication and skill, as well as for personal relationships that have developed over many years.

        DevonWay employees appreciate our customer relationships too!

        Employee shout-outs

        Here are just a few employees — recently joined, boomerang, and long-term — who make DevonWay a special place to work. 

        Samantha Jaime-2Samantha Jaime joined DevonWay as an Application Engineer five months ago. "From the very first day, I have learned so much. I really appreciate everyone who has mentored me," she says. "I also get to work with great customers from all over the world and from different industries. It's amazing to see the work that we do to help our customers in their workplace." Samantha describes herself as a "huge nature person" who enjoys hiking. She recently completed a six-hour hike in the Grand Canyon. She also loves to paint and draw.

        Ashmi Wadhwani (fifth from left in photo above) is the DevonWay Mobile product lead for DevonWay's award-winning mobile apps. She worked for DevonWay for three years, then spent nearly a decade working in tech at other companies before returning two years ago. "It's fun to be back on the DevonWay team," she says, "and a thrill to work on mobile technology with our customers." She's an adventurous world traveler, cyclist, and mom of two adorable daughters. 

        Rio LehmanRio Lehman joined DevonWay six months ago as an Application Engineer and hit the ground running. "Learning about how customers use our products and configuring solutions to fit their needs is gratifying. Connecting with customers and seeing them use our technology makes puzzling out solutions to different challenges that much more rewarding," he says. Outside of work he's a board game and card game enthusiast. He's also a proud uncle who loves spending time with his new nephew who has "the biggest baby cheeks and baby smile you've ever seen."

        HatPic-1Greg Harper is in his 15th year as a software developer at DevonWay. When the pandemic started, he became MC for our weekly online trivia game, where he wears his infamous striped game hat. A semi-professional poker player, New York Times crossword aficionado (with an enviable winning streak solving 708 in a row!), avid chess player, and aspiring Scrabble champion, he also plays ice hockey on the Mid-Ice Crisis team. "The people make DevonWay a great place to work. Everyone is competent, smart, and good at what they do," he shared. Greg has two teenage boys and a newborn (the perfect Valentine).


        Join the team!

        Think DevonWay may be the right place for you? Check out current openings here.


        Author Jackie Holen is Vice President of Product Marketing and a "boomeranger" at DevonWay. She's delighted to be back working with friends new and old.