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        DOE compliance is a headache only if you let it become one

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        Rules are rules, even when you’re not handling nuclear material

        Doing work with the Department of Energy (DOE) means complying with its rules. Even though the DOE itself is not a regulatory agency, it oversees and monitors businesses involved in nuclear energy to ensure the safe handling of nuclear material, and it takes its mission extremely seriously (as it should).

        To do business with the DOE, you need to continually demonstrate that you are operating appropriately— with an emphasis on keeping your employees and contractors safe.

        Three CFR standards are of particular importance:

        • 10 CFR 830: Nuclear Safety Management
        • 10 CFR 851: Worker Safety and Health Program
        • 48 CFR 970.5223.1: Integration of Environment, Safety, and Health into Work Planning and Execution

        While 10 CFR 830 might not be relevant to every enterprise, practically every business that falls under the auspices of the DOE needs to pay close attention to 10 CFR 851. The Worker Safety and Health Program code establishes worker safety and health requirements that govern the conduct of contractor activities at DOE sites. The rule provides for a worker protection program to reduce or prevent occupational injuries, illnesses, and accidental losses. It also establishes procedures for investigating whether a requirement of the rule has been violated.

        Make sure you have the right software in place

        Compliance with these and other DOE regulations is challenging if you don’t have the right software to manage them. The wrong choice could leave you struggling with:

        • Duplication of compliance efforts, absence of integration of multiple systems, and lack of communication as a result of departmental and business unit silos that have sprouted over time
        • Poor visibility into compliance activities and assessments
        • Disparate systems and a reliance on paper-based activities
        • Outdated, complex legacy software that has become prohibitively expensive to maintain
        • Lack of automated monitoring

        DevonWay doesn’t cure the headaches, it prevents them

        Not every software vendor understands or has the necessary experience to meet the unique demands of your industry. That’s where DevonWay comes in. We have more than a decade of experience in helping enterprises achieve DOE compliance via our Contractor Assurance System (CAS) suite.

        The DevonWay CAS suite provides a single point of entry for all CAS-related work activities. This reduces the number of systems that employees need to use and offers a clearinghouse for all CAS data for easy reporting. All CAS suite apps work together, providing seamless integration of multiple processes required for DOE contractors. This allows contractors to leverage powerful technology to bring the entire assurance process into a single user interface and database.

        Specifically, DevonWay CAS integrates required DOEmandated activities that include Issues Management, QA Audits, Assessments, Regulatory Screening, NonConformance Reporting, and much more.

        Bottom line, DevonWay offers a more efficient way to stay compliant while helping you become more cost efficient by reducing unnecessary overhead. We tailor our CAS suite to help you capture the regulatory statutes and issues that pertain specifically to your company, aligning with your upfront needs and then evolving into an all-inclusive plan. A successful DevonWay CAS implementation is designed to keep your enterprise informed, compliant, and positioned to accommodate any future changes, small or large.

        Discover how DevonWay can work for you

        Our software solutions were developed specifically for your business. Learn how DevonWay provided Idaho National Labs with cohesive, collaborative systems that facilitate compliance with internal and Department of Energy regulations—and won a national award in the process.

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