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        How to Use Reporting to Find Common Causes

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        Cause analysis charts are easy to set up in your DevonWay application and will help you effectively analyze and communicate your data. In this exercise, we’re going to walk through the steps for how to create one by using 10 employees with the most overdue condition reports as a case study.  

        1. Create a new crosstab report

        2. Filter out Closed and Cancelled CR’s, as well as those in Initiate 

        3. Add a filter on the Need-by or Due Date field, selecting the Today or Before dropdown option 

        4. Add the Assigned To field as a row 

        5. Add the Count measure as a Column 

        6. Right click on the Count column heading, then select Sort Descending

        7. Right click in the same area and select Filter Top N Values 

        8. Enter 10 and de-select the Show aggregate of unranked values checkbox. NOTE: Leave this selected if you want all values not within the top 10 to be summarized into an eleventh element 

        9. Change the report type from Crosstab to Chart 

        10. If needed, adjust the Data Level Rows slider 

        11. Consider changing the chart to a column chart so that the names are easier to read

        When you apply these steps to your personal use case, remember to first sort your data by the desired field in Crosstab, then switch to chart

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