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        How to Write Requirements for Change Requests

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        Do you submit tickets for non-incidents, or change requests, within your DevonWay application? If so, this is a guide to help you write requirements for these tickets. Including the right information up front will help you get your changes implemented as fast as possible and make for a smooth process. Consider following these guidelines: 

        Don’t send a one sentence statement

        For example, “Add an approval field to our condition report application.” While this may seem straight-forward, our team will likely roll it back for additional information.

        Do be as thorough as possible

        Include information you feel will help DevonWay accurately understand your requirements. For example, try to answer the following questions as best you can: 

        • Who does the new requirement relate to? Does it relate only to individuals with certain roles? 
        • What is the new requirement? 
        • Where on the screen should this new field be located?  
        • When should it be visible? (which workflow step?) 
        • Why is this request being initiated so we can understand the intent. 
        • How will this field behave? Will it be required? Will be it non-modifiable at some point? Will another field value make it visible? 

        Answering these questions allows us to quickly and accurately evaluate, design, and implement your request. Requirements that lack detailed information may delay the process significantly.

        For questions about requirements or change requests, please contact us