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        Why it’s Time to Make the Switch to the Miramar Dashboard

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        Ideagen DevonWay is all about helping organizations operate more effectively and safely through one seamlessly interconnected platform. For users, accessing this data starts with their dashboard, or landing page, where they first access the insights and information Ideagen DevonWay has to offer. Yet many clients may not be aware Ideagen DevonWay has a new dashboard that makes accessing the information they need even more customizable, faster and overall easier than ever before. 

        Miramar, our updated interface, empowers users to find the information they need at a glance, enhancing many of the features they’ve come to expect. This creates a seamless experience that unlocks the power of information within the Ideagen DevonWay system. See why now is the time to make the switch to the Miramar dashboard.

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        Modernized Features in Miramar 

        The Miramar user interface was designed to capture the best, most-used features of the original dashboard and update them for even easier, streamlined use – so users can create a custom dashboard that’s most relevant to their specific role and focus on the tasks that matter to them.


        Every person’s role is unique, and Miramar allows users to build their own dashboarding experience with information that matters most to them. Similar to a desktop on a computer or applications on a phone, users can select and move which components they want displayed on personal dashboards. 

        A simple click and drag system means no training is needed to create individual customization. Each user can add or remove components, select new ones for display, and change the layout of their dashboards. Assignment summaries and lists, top reports, recently viewed items, submissions and reports are just some of the components users can select to add to their dashboards. Better yet, users can create unlimited dashboards of their own, for quick references when switching between tasks or work areas. 


        Beyond individual dashboards, teams can create customized dashboards that make the most sense for their collective needs. Those who have access to administration pages can easily configure a custom dashboard with the components that matter most for their department or team, such as reports, projects, and quick links to external URLs. 

        The administrator can share the custom dashboard with the people who need it, and even automatically make it their new home dashboard, so teams are seeing the same important data together. And if a user wants to default back to their individually customized dashboard, it can be done in just one click.


        Miramar is all about ease and organizing the information users need in a way that is most impactful for them.

        Have specific data you need top of mind? Users can quickly create reports and charts – all without any training. In fact, prebuilt charts can be created with one click, and each one comes complete with in-chart drilldowns. Once created, the report or chart can be added to the dashboard for at-a-glance visuals of up-to-date data. 

        In addition to selecting a default dashboard, users can pin five additional dashboards directly into their navigation bar for quick access between each one. Since each dashboard has a unique URL, unlimited browser bookmarks can be created for each dashboard.

        Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 10.06.54 AM


        Ready to make the switch? 

        All DevonWay customers are able to switch to the new Mirama dashboard and start accessing the benefits of this streamlined user interface. Our team is ready to support along the way. Reach out today to request a demo of what Miramar would look like for your organization.