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        The Case For Usage-based Pricing

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        Operational software is most impactful when all employees have the ability to perform certain tasks, such as submit a suggestion or incident report, and when many related processes are integrated in a single, central closed-loop system that is reinforced with robust self-service business intelligence and analytics.

        For example, a customer complaint about a shipment might trigger a non-conformance report, which might then trigger a cause evaluation, which leads to an action plan to prevent future recurrence. One of those actions might be to refine an existing procedure, and that document revision might require training to familiarize workers with the procedure change. That retraining is then captured and stored in a reportable, secure environment for compliance with ISO requirements or other regulatory needs. During an audit or assessment, all this data is instantly available to answer auditors’ questions and for the compilation of objective evidence.

        Since every organization has its own needs and requirements, it’s virtually impossible to predict the exact number of users, processes, and workflows that will yield the greatest benefit, and how those will change over time – especially in a regulated environment. That’s why our pricing model is focused around the number of operational records created per year. The more records you create, the more you benefit from automated workflows and decision support points – regardless of the number of people creating that data, or the number of processes it encompasses.

        In the end, digital transformation is about embracing technology. Artificially limiting adoption to a certain number of users, or having to go through a separate licensing event every time you want to automate a new process, creates unnecessary organizational inertia. Usage-based pricing can help oil the gears of your digital engine.

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