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        Keep Your Workflows Moving While You’re on Vacation

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        Summer is here, and for many it’s time to step away from the day-to-day, put up your “out of office” and take a vacation. But we all know that work doesn’t stop with planned time off, especially in high-reliability, highly regulated organizations. Luckily, DevonWay can help, with products designed to keep work flowing smoothly across departments, across organizations, and across traditional software boundaries – even when you’re away. 

        Easily manage expectations and assignments in advance

        Sometimes, the biggest worry when heading out for vacation is whether or not your coworkers know what to do while you’re gone. With DevonWay, you can manage tasks by assigning ownership, creating due dates, and setting alternates – features that are standard to all DevonWay products. 

        While you’re away, employees can track their assigned actions and will receive notifications in advance of any upcoming due dates. They can also create their own notifications for themselves to keep their work on track, creating visibility and accountability while you or other managers are out of the office. And the intuitive dashboard makes it easy for everyone in the organization to highlight where to focus and understand what’s due when.

        Rest easy knowing oversight is automatic

        Those signing off from complex, high-risk organizations don’t have to worry about work when they’re away – even the most highly regulated core operations can be managed through DevonWay products and work streams, all on one secure platform.

        For example, maintaining compliance with regulations and contractual obligations is automated with DevonWay’s Compliance Tracking, where your employees can continue to manage and track all compliance-related issues, tasks and actions. All the right players can see real-time insights and make informed decisions. You can even plan ahead for any updates with the Compliance Calendars, and set up automatic alerts when deadlines are near. 

        Additionally, DevonWay’s Incident Management product makes it easy to capture an incident on the spot with organization-wide participation. So whether they’re in the field or the office, employees can quickly note the incident through the mobile app. Your organization can stay safe and compliant without the bottleneck of a complicated reporting process; instead, employees will be guided through the preset procedure in DevonWay.

        Stay connected (if you want to)

        While we encourage everyone to unplug and step away from work from time to time, that’s sometimes easier said than done. With DevonWay, you will have a complete overview of your organization’s asset management, environmental health and safety, quality management, and workforce management functions at your fingertips when you need it, no matter where in the world you are.

        Additionally, with the help of Alerts and Notifications, you’ll be automatically notified about what you need to know, and when. Trigger-based Alerting can create a notification from any DevonWay search, and then share the information with you via text, email, PDF report or Excel spreadsheet. The self-service scheduling tool sends notifications on whatever schedule you prefer, even as frequently as every hour (although we personally don’t recommend that for your vacation time!).

        So whether you’re lounging on a beach, scaling a mountain or simply taking some “me time,” rest easy on your next vacation knowing that your work is flowing smoothly with DevonWay. 

        About us

        DevonWay software for Asset, Work, Quality, and Safety Management enables regulated, high-risk, and complex organizations to operate more efficiently and safely. Available in the cloud or on premise, DevonWay products collect, manage workflows for, analyze, and report on operational data while ensuring compliance to regulations and standards. Combining out-of-the-box production readiness with no-code configurability, DevonWay products meet customers' unique requirements with enterprise-grade security and scalability. For more information, please visit