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        What are Mobile Work Packages? Definition, Benefits, and Demo

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        What are mobile work packages?

        Mobile work packages provide work instructions and up-to-date reference material for work completion. They are the modern version of traditional paper-based work packages that allow technicians and field workers to perform tasks using a mobile device instead of using paper. Mobile work packages incorporate a defined work scope and task, permits, mobile forms, mobile procedures, drawings, checklists, manuals, and other documents and references.

        Why use mobile work packages?

        Mobile work packages automate manual work management processes like printing, collating, updating, distributing, locating, and converting completed work packages to electronic media for quality assurance archiving. They help key stakeholders, including maintenance technicians, supervisors, operations, and work management and records management personnel increase efficiency and reduce administrative burden.

        Save time and money

        Transitioning from a paper-based work order management process to a fully electronic process saves time and money on labor and materials. Traditionally, companies manually print, assemble, transport, and store paper-based work packages in accessible locations until they’re ready to use. In a mobile work order process, work packages are electronically assembled and downloaded to a tablet when they are scheduled to work.

        Below is a figure that highlights the potential benefit categories and savings using DevonWay Mobile Work Packages for a typical four-unit nuclear fleet. While the exact savings and categories will vary based on a customer’s specific business processes, the recurring annual dollar savings expected is approximately $125 per work package, or $1.5 million per unit per year ($6 million annually for the fleet).

        Improve quality

        In a paper work package environment, prior to starting work, workers must manually validate the work package documents and drawings, which is time consuming and prone to human error. Individuals save time with a mobile work management system that automates these validations, leaving room for more skill-based tasks.

        Increase efficiency and eliminate redundancy

        When workers execute paper work packages in the field, information such as work performed summaries, parts installed, M&TE used, as-found equipment condition, etc. are manually entered into the appropriate sections of the paper work package. When the workers complete the work package and are back in the shop, they have to manually re-enter the same written information again into a digital system, such as their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. This double entry of work package data requires significant resources and introduces the potential for transcription errors.

        With a mobile work package solution, field data is entered one time on the mobile device and is automatically transferred to the EAM system or other appropriate databases, eliminating data entry redundancy and mistakes.

        See DevonWay Mobile Work Packages in Action

        Watch this demo to learn about the DevonWay Mobile Work Packages solution and how it works:

        Watch Demo