How it works

Establish a safety culture

A successful safety culture comes with company-wide participation. By allowing everyone in the company to submit an incident (even anonymously if you prefer), setting up assignment alerts and notifications, and distributing summary reports to interested stakeholders based on conditions you define, you engage everyone in the process and ensure that the program has the visibility and transparency it requires to make it a success.

Configurable workflows also help hold individuals accountable to the safety culture. From requiring appropriate levels of review based on event significance, to skipping whole steps for low-impact events, to everything in between, the power is yours to streamline the process and ask the software to match how it is that you do business — without relying on IT.

Get the results you need

With fully integrated ad hoc reporting capabilities, you can filter and break out event data into detailed or summary reports by business unit, contractor, location, event classification, department, or any other filter. Backed by an in-memory engine and full-text search capabilities, you’ll never waste time waiting for the page to load or the query to complete.

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