Mobile Observations

Engage workers with proactive observations and coaching

Proactively Gather Critical Information

Observation activities are a core aspect of any business that values continuous improvement, as they provide a means to proactively uncover both opportunities and deficiencies. Organizations that incorporate standardized observations into their operations encourage a culture of accountability, objectivity, and quality.

Turn That Information Into Actions

Data collected from Observations can be routed directly to Corrective Actions, Operating Experiences, Lessons Learned, or whichever other workflow is best suited for generating and managing actionable results. In many cases, however, individual observations won’t rise to the level of needing specific action – instead, the data collected from them feeds into powerful built-in statistical trending functionality, so that macro-organizational insights can be derived to ensure your operations are performing within set parameters, and that responsible stakeholders are automatically notified when they’re not.

Summary of Benefits

Gather the data you need through admin-configurable templates that don’t require IT

Retrieve information with a mobile app that doesn’t require a network connection and has support for rich multimedia

Stay ahead of adverse trends with built-in universal trending and ad hoc business intelligence

Organizations that incorporate standardized observations into their operations encourage a culture of accountability, objectivity, and quality.

Key Features

Online/Offline Availability

Allow observers to complete activities on the fly, whether they’re connected to a network or not, and no matter what kind of device they have (iOS, Android, or Windows). Preserve observation integrity by eliminating reliance on memory or notes. Observations recorded offline are saved locally and then synced to the server when WiFi becomes available.

Multimedia and Productivity

Capture the exact location of the observation by enabling the optional geolocation feature. Allow observers to quickly dictate the details through voice-to-text, as well as use the device camera to attach photos that depict and document what was observed.

Quality Management Support

Automatically create corrective actions, condition reports, or employee suggestions directly from observations or behaviors when defined criteria are met. By maintaining a link to the activity where those actions or suggestions were identified, you achieve superior reportability and clarity into value added by those activities.

Custom Templates

Create simple or complex cards that are easily selected by the user on the device. Specify required fields, behaviors, ratings, and more, without requiring DevonWay or IT support.

Built-in Trending

Trending graphs can be created by attribute, fundamental area, card, or trend code – or any other structured data in your observations. Trigger-based alerts further ensure that your organization stays automatically aware of any adverse trends before they become negatively impactful.

Real-time Activity Streams

From their mobile device, users can access a real-time stream of observations being performed, so they can be tuned into specific areas as they perform their own.

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