Pre-job Briefs

Execute work safely every time

How it works

Stay aware

Pre-job Briefs help ensure that workers and supervisors are aware of possible dangers and safety issues before they begin work. Paper-based briefs are better than nothing, but digitizing them offers tremendous advantages, such as real-time field updates on work being performed, automatic upgrades as forms change, and compelling cost savings.

Just as importantly, by not requiring IT skills to perform changes and analyze results, program owners have the tools they need to effect real organizational performance and produce a safety-oriented culture.

Integrate with other functions

Nothing operates in a vacuum. Having standalone pre-job briefs accomplishes important safety goals, but when connected with DevonWay’s robust quality and safety management suite, their usefulness is taken to a different level.

A modern closed-loop system in which you not only collect data related to an operational task, but also trend and analyze that data so you can improve the task, yields a step change improvement in efficiency, reliability, and safety.

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