Product Recalls

Swiftly manage current recalls and avoid future ones

How it works

Collaborate in real time

By employing a browser-only user interface and an unlimited-users pricing model, any authorized stakeholder can participate in providing support during a product recall in real time. Besides allowing integrated collaboration between manufacturers, vendors, retailers, and other interested parties, DevonWay’s central management console ensures all internal and external participants have secure access to the actions they need to complete for the recall process to progress.

And for data that is most efficiently collected in the field, a mobile app that can run natively on virtually any smartphone or tablet (iOS, Windows, and Android) ensures that information is captured and communicated as quickly as possible, minimizing delays.

Avoid future recalls

By combining recalls with an action tracking system for building mitigation and contingency plans, and for tracking and executing individual action assignments, all recall-related activity stays within the same database, which eliminates the possibility that things will fall through the cracks.

Taking it a step further, optional integration with a full-featured, fully configurable corrective and preventive actions solution means that any supplier quality problems, or other adverse patterns, will have an objective means by which they can be identified, trended, and resolved.

Finally, real-time ad hoc reports and notifications mean that all interested stakeholders can remain up to date on events as they unfold — without depending on additional technical support.

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