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What’s Your Problem?

July 31, 2020 | Chris Moustakas

One of our biggest challenges when we talk to people who aren’t familiar with DevonWay is explaining what we do. Our website lists over 30 solutions, but the reality is that we have thousands of modules running in production environments, each one configured to that particular customer’s business rules and workflow – and depending on the problem that specifically configured solution solves for them, or the industry they’re in, it could be called something very different from customer to customer. Are they condition reports or corrective actions? Inspections or observations? Audit packages or work packages? Yes. 

At its core, our software helps automate operational workflows. By definition, no two companies have the same operations – the means by which they generate whatever it is they sell to make money is going to be different from their competitors or peers, otherwise the market wouldn’t price them differently. We might segment our products into different suites, but the reality is that our customers don’t operate in neat little buckets. A mobile observation (part of the EHS suite) might trigger a corrective action (part of Quality), or a work task (part of Asset Management) might involve a job hazard assessment (again, part of EHS). 

The reason that so many companies, after all these years, still rely on paper and spreadsheets is because those are the most flexible possible tools at their disposal for executing these processes; to codify them in traditional ERP systems is very expensive and not worth the cost for any but the very biggest organizations. Our no-code platform gives our customers the ability to interconnect those processes within a single system cost-effectively, so they can finally achieve the benefits that digitization brings. 

What’s my point? If you’re a DevonWay customer, look around for other operational processes that you’re still executing with paper, email, and/or spreadsheets. We’re here to help you solve whatever high-impact problem you have – even if you don’t see a name for it on our website. 

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