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        Announcing New Barcode Scanning Feature

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        At DevonWay, we’re always looking for ways to eliminate as much manual entry as possible and help save time and money while reducing the potential for error. 

        Many of our customers use barcodes to track assets. Depending on the industry and tools in place, the ID number may need to be recorded in an observation, an equipment calibration tool, or some type of mobile document for either tracking or validation purposes.

        We’re excited to announce that our newest mobile update allows users to populate those fields by scanning a barcode instead of manually entering the ID. Here’s how it works: 

        Step 1: Snap a Photo for Auto-Entry 

        From a field in the DevonWay app, select a button that opens your camera (after granting the app permission of course) and take a picture of the barcode. The app instantly converts the corresponding ID to an alphanumeric text string and inputs it into the field. 

        Step 2: 

        That’s really all there is to it. There is no step 2! 

        That’s Not All 

        In addition to the new barcode scanning capabilities, we added several rich features to Mobile Documents, as well as support for Android 10.  

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