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        Introducing Shift Handover for Improved Control of Work

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        Those in power and utilities industries know the importance of a clear line-of-sight when it comes to plant operations. Yet the risk of missing critical information is amplified without clear processes, especially during a shift change. 

        To support, DevonWay is excited to roll out Shift Handover as the latest addition to the Enterprise Asset Management suite. This new feature allows operators to log and track all of their shift handover information – from operating parameters to staff information to event causes – all while reducing manual data entry and automating record keeping.

        Learn how Shift Handover software can become a critical tool for organizations as they improve their control of work and EHS as a whole.

        Importance of seamless shift-to-shift transfers

        High-risk, highly regulated industries need a strong control of work process, especially those in the power and utilities industries. This piece of the safety management workflow tracks processes like permit to work, isolation management and job hazard analysis, and helps ensure operations are as safe and efficient as possible. 

        For operations running around the clock, this handoff of information is critical as it’s shared from one employee to the next. Without a strong shift handover system, important data and updates may go unchecked, leading to the possibility for oversights, hazards and incidents.

        Having a strong process in place to capture and track this shift handover information is critical – and a comprehensive asset management software is the solution to get it done. In fact, according to a study by Verdantix, 84% of executives surveyed shared that they view software as either essential or valuable for the success of their control of work process. 

        Software solutions for improved shift handovers

        The right software should look across operations as whole, pulling data and trends as well as capturing updates, to not only improve performance but keep workers safe. 

        In an article by Power Magazine, the importance of strong control of work software is clear: 

        “By adopting CoW [control of work] software, firms can unlock value in their operational workflow by reducing asset downtime and increasing workforce utilization. From an incident management perspective, CoW software gives power and utilities leaders visibility into the complexities and hazards across a worksite — and even across every worksite in the organization — and the flexibility to drill down into specific areas and address local issues.” 

        When it comes to shift handovers, leaders need to communicate critical information about changing conditions, accidents and injuries, emergency conditions, updates about equipment and more. While this may be done verbally during the changeover, capturing this data through a strong software system will create a system of record that not only notes the conditions of the day but breaks down silos to share the data across the full operation. 

        Benefits of DevonWay’s Shift Handover 

        As a leading provider of Quality, Safety, Asset, and Workforce Management software for regulated industries, DevonWay’s Shift Handover product is made to work in tandem across an organization's operations and capture the right information at the right time. 

        The Shift Handover product allows for fast and easy data entry through a customizable template – in turn increasing productivity and minimizing shift turnover risk, all while making data accessible across the organization. It can connect natively to other DevonWay products, or to any third-party application, to give employees a clear scope of operations. 

        Other product features include: 

        • Process integration
        • Automated worker qualifications
        • Archive history
        • Automated notifications
        • Optional mobile app
        • User-friendly reporting

        For operations that never stop, or any organization looking to improve their control of work, DevonWay’s Shift Handover is made to formalize and simplify how employees share information while automatically capturing the operation’s data and the story it has to tell. Adding Shift Handover to your DevonWay suite creates another valuable solution in reducing risk and improving safety overall. 

        Want to learn more?

        As part of the DevonWay Enterprise Asset Management suite, Shift Handover offers a solution for capturing critical information related to asset performance, identifying trends, and sharing the information across departments or teams. Learn how it can be incorporated into your full DevonWay suite by requesting a demo.