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        Which is Better, Paper or Electronic Work Packages? (Hint: Neither)

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        While electronic work packages offer numerous advantages over paper, from cost savings to real-time data transmittal, the reality is that even they are not the ideal productivity tool in the long run. With a mobile device in hand, the options open up tremendously to layer intelligence into your work execution processes.

        This is why we’re seeing more and more companies shift towards a  solution that combines traditional electronic work package functionality with smart procedures. Bringing the best of both worlds together means that you can incorporate, on a schedule you choose, capabilities such as: 

        • Automated Work Tracking – The exact start and stop time is tracked across every procedure step, so work planners and schedulers don’t have to manually insert progress markers
        • Smart Branching – Workers are guided to the appropriate part of the instructions as they complete each step 
        • Data Validations – Workers are prevented from accidentally skipping steps or mistyping values into their devices 
        • Intelligent Alerts – Users can set alerts as work progresses (e.g. if completion of work instructions takes more than two standard deviations from the mean from one step to the next) 
        • New Insights – Managers and supervisors can run reports to discover which areas need improvement (e.g. work completion data, report variations, progress, delays, and work anomalies) – without requiring additional administration or work 

        As you roll out mobile solutions, you should strive to do more than just implement an electronic version of your paper binder. By combining smart procedures, annotated PDFs, and data collection grids into a single mobile package, you set yourself up for increased efficiency, accountability, and productivity. 

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