Workforce Solutions

Give your employees the digital tools they need to work effectively

Digitize and automate manual tasks

With an efficient process automation capability, smart organizations can automate most — if not all — of their work. This ensures the right tasks are routed to the right people at the right time, management is kept aware in real time of worrisome trends or events, and inefficiencies and bottlenecks are identified and resolved.

DevonWay’s Workforce Solutions automate what were once manual tasks, eliminating quality and safety issues, work bottlenecks, unnecessary costs, and missed opportunities.

Engage the workforce

DevonWay’s flexible datastores, in-memory analytics, and mobility solutions allow your workforce to feel true cohesion around any workflow process or task.

Our solution ensures that IT’s hands are no longer tied in an endless cycle of server maintenance and ERP upgrades, allowing them instead to focus on supporting an evergreen platform that gets everyone on the same page, increasing productivity.

Gather critical data

Easy configuration of mobile apps and data entry forms ensures that critical operational data doesn’t go uncollected. Whether workers are executing a computer based procedure or filling out a work order, the ability to capture both unstructured data — such as voice transcription, pictures, and videos — and structured data — like meter readings and environmental conditions — means that organizations have the raw materials needed to produce powerful insights. Because the first step in data mining is making sure you have data to mine.

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Uncover and overcome the
hidden costs of manual and/or
poorly automated processes.

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