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        The Power of Integration: How to Escape Data Silos

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        If there’s one thing that hinders productivity and efficiency for all of us (especially for those who work in highly regulated industries), it’s people working in their own silos. When this happens, teams are either storing the same or related data in multiple places, not limited to stand-alone computer applications, databases, spreadsheets, or a combination of the three. Either way, critical data will get lost, duplicated, and overwritten. Every day businesses are missing out on valuable insights that will help them make better decisions by not collecting accurate data and having the ability to report on it. 

        We know how much this hurts, so why are so many of us still living in silos? Maybe your organization feels stuck with systems that were put in place a long time ago – you know they’re not robust enough to serve a variety of purposes, but you feel ill-prepared to make such a dramatic change. It’s a big investment, it feels risky, you don’t know exactly what the future holds, and it could end up requiring a lot of backend work. 

        While these are all legitimate concerns, modern, no-code software makes it possible to overcome these challenges with the power of integration. There are two ways to go about it: 

        1) Integrate your processes via third party platforms and/or services 

        Having the ability to exchange data with other data sources is vital to your business. While the real value comes from getting as much into a single solution as possible, finding some way to integrate your processes is certainly a step up from living in silos, and it’s low-hanging fruit compared to the alternative. 

        2) Consolidate your processes into one system 

        Having a single point of entry for your processes provides for the best possible user experience and opens a door to discovering new insights. For example, natively integrating audit findings with corrective actions eliminates data duplication and re-entry of key audit details. Corrective actions link back to the associated audit findings, resulting in a seamless, intuitive experience for everyone involved.  

        DevonWay supports both options 

        You don’t have to commit to an expensive, risky, all-or-nothing transition. You may decide you want to start small and scale in the future, which is how some of our customers have chosen to tackle their data silos. We partner with you to build the best integration model that 1) works with your existing processes and 2) puts you in a position to accommodate future changes, small or large.  

        To schedule a consultation or get a personalized demo, please contact us.