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        Mobile 1.24 Release

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        We have some exciting new developments coming in our July Mobile 1.24 release. From video support to expanded search possibilities – our newest features will provide a better user experience and help make your job much easier.

        Mobile Notifications

        When users have started a mobile form or observation but don’t submit it, we now send a notification a day later. Tapping the notification opens the form or observation so the user can continue working where they left off. Users can turn on and off notifications through the ‘Settings’ page in the mobile app.

        Support for Video

        A picture paints a thousand words, but a video shows a thousand pictures. In addition to taking photos in the app, mobile app users  will be able to take videos within the app and attach these to mobile forms and observations. To add video, simply click on the camera icon and tap Use Video. Once added, the videos will appear alongside any images already added in the attachments section of the app.

        Reverse Address Look-up

        We’re expanding the geolocation feature to allow users to display their current location as an address in Mobile Documents or Observations. Users can also specify a location in the map and then have the corresponding address display in the address text field. In cases where needed, users can type in the address instead of using the map location. Addresses provided are a “best-effort” match and may require some manual adjustment, especially in areas with limited mapping data. This feature is currently supported only on iOS. Note that there are minor configuration updates needed to enable this functionality.

        Keyword Search

        Users can search across all items and return results that match the keyword criteria. The key features are marked in the screenshot. You can search by keyword (1), including with wildcards, to return results in a read-only view. In addition, you can filter results to specific categories (or modules) by clicking on the filter icon (2). You can also search by using the barcode reader (3) to populate the search term. Finally, the last ten keyword searches (4) are saved to allow you to quickly execute a prior search. Configuration updates are required to turn on keyword search.

        Visual Indicator for Pending Items

        The new release makes it easier to see when there are errors and pending items by showing a badge on the app menu, which alerts the user that action is required.

        To see the complete list of Mobile 1.24 new features and fixes, please read the official release notes at the Documentation Center. We welcome your feedback on the new features. Please contact us with questions or to request a demo.