Environmental Health & Safety

Keeping each other safe is everyone’s job

Instill a safety culture

It’s a shared responsibility to make sure that everyone gets home safe to their loved ones each night. An organization might have a Safety Director or VP, but without an ingrained safety culture, accidents aren’t a matter of if but when.

Building that safety culture is impossible without the tools necessary to engage the entire population, gather constructive information on areas for improvement, and share the results of the program fully and transparently. Only when people know they have a voice — and that their voice makes a difference — do organizations fulfill the dream of a safety-conscious work environment.

Stay informed

Running an effective safety program is non-trivial because the only true measure of success is when things DON’T happen. That’s why safety professionals need access to a variety of tools and measurements to stay proactively informed of negative trends. From near misses to environmental conditions that can have an adverse effect on safety, the ability for organizations to define their own KPIs, reports, and automated notifications — then tune and adjust them as needed — is imperative for staying one step ahead of impactful events.

Adjust as needed

Most operations — especially those that require front-line or field work — are constantly changing. From different projects, to different work sites, to different equipment, the odds of something going wrong increase with each change that management makes to stay competitive. Any technology supporting safety programs needs to have adaptability built into it as a core principle — having to wait months for a change to a process is simply asking for trouble. Tailorability is key to success.

Delight in your work

Keeping OSHA recordables to a minimum is fine on its own, but that’s only a regulatory manifestation of what really makes safety professionals get up each morning — knowing they play a part in making sure avoidable tragedies, from broken bones to broken pipelines, don’t impact innocent families.

When a safety program is achieving its mission, and the results speak for themselves, there are few more fulfilling jobs to be had.

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