Asset Management

Organize your entire asset inventory

Manage and track asset performance data

Asset unavailability can significantly impact a business’s bottom line. DevonWay’s asset management solutions work together to collect, manage, and analyze asset condition and performance data so maintenance activities can be planned, scheduled, and performed to optimize asset reliability.

Reduce maintenance costs

Maintenance is a business expense that can cut into profits. DevonWay optimizes maintenance costs by:

  • Capturing all costs associated with maintaining an asset (parts, labor, services and process related)
  • Establishing a data-driven, dynamic maintenance program to ensure each asset is maintained at its optimal preventive maintenance to corrective maintenance balance
  • Monitoring, identifying trends, and analyzing equipment health to ensure equipment performance and reliability goals are met

Improve process efficiency

Inefficient maintenance processes can drastically increase the cost of maintaining equipment. Performing efficient equipment level maintenance requires that multiple business processes and activities be established, executed, monitored, analyzed and continuously adjusted to minimize barriers to worker productivity and other stakeholders engaged in the maintenance support processes. DevonWay combines asset management data with feedback from employees to identify process gaps and improve efficiency.

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Equipment Calibration

Equipment Reliability

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Work Planning

Uncover and overcome the
hidden costs of manual and/or
poorly automated processes.

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