Asset List

Manage all equipment list data in one place

How it works

Create standardization

A well-thought-out equipment/asset list establishes a consistent and logical methodology to uniquely identify equipment for its entire life cycle. The name or identification number associated with the equipment should be used on all associated work orders, procedures, drawings, documents, lock-out tag-outs (LOTO), and purchase orders.

DevonWay’s Equipment List module establishes and manages equipment names, identification numbers, hierarchy, equipment types, equipment criticality, boundaries, locations, systems, functional equipment groups and other relevant equipment information.

Track all equipment performance

DevonWay provides for a detailed audit trail and work history, which is used to monitor short-term and analyze long-term equipment performance, which can then be used to adjust preventive maintenance program scope and intervals throughout the equipment life cycle.

And with ad-hoc reporting capabilities and trigger-based notifications, analyzing equipment status and performance is quick and easy.

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