Work Permits

Prevent accidents and injuries in hazardous conditions

How it works

Track the entire permit process

DevonWay Work Permits provides an electronic desktop and mobile solution to manage the entire work permit process from start to finish. DevonWay Work Permits can also vary individual permit work flows based on permit type or permit attributes and allows the entire organization to track and monitor each permit throughout the work permit preparation, performance and closeout process.

Mitigate risk

User defined relevant process and permit data metrics and dashboards can be created and displayed on a real time basis. The permit mobile application works online or offline and automatically syncs up to the permit server when in the connected mode.

Users can also set up notifications and reports based on whatever business criteria they want. An example is to send a report of all permits awaiting approval, or a report of permits that have expired without being closed. History tracking clearly shows the date/time and who made every change to the permit throughout its entire life cycle.

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