The Challenge

Expensive, labor-intensive, manual processes from printed work packages

Most facilities plan work orders using an asset management system, such as SAP or IBM Maximo. During the work order planning process, planners produce work packages that incorporate a defined work scope and task attributes, needed permits or permit requests, documents, procedures, drawings, forms, check sheets, technical manuals, and any other references needed by technicians to perform the task. These work packages are often printed, which have many barriers to productivity and work execution quality.

The Solution

Transition to a mobile solution

Benefits to transitioning away from printed work packages include but aren’t limited to:

  • Work Package Generation and Assembly
  • Manual Transportation, Tracking and Locating of Work Packages
  • Validation of Controlled Documents
  • Elimination of Redundant Data Entry
  • Archive Record Generation
  • Human Performance


“We’re using multiple DevonWay products company-wide to not only effectively gather essential data, but more importantly to successfully evaluate critical leading and lagging indicators.”
Angela Ott | Senior Corporate Health and Safety Consultant, Arizona Public Service
“I’m still amazed at what we got done in 2 months. I’ve never seen an IT project deliver so much in such a short time.”
Mark Cross | Director of Operations - Global Services, GE Healthcare
“Great products being used by the site and getting us the results we need. The DevonWay folks were outstanding as always in their support and understanding of what we needed.”
Randy Thompson | Supervisor of Performance Improvement, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Company
“I have been using multiple DevonWay products for over eight years. The software is highly customizable and the DevonWay team is always willing to go the extra mile to make the experience right for you.”
John Christensen | President & CEO, Utilities Services Alliance

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