The Problem

Project-centered work too easily leads to silo’ed solutions and incomplete knowledge sharing. Without an effective means of sharing data and lessons across projects, opportunities for improvement fall through the cracks, leading to unnecessary cost overruns, supplier quality gaps, and safety issues – not to mention dissatisfied clients.

The Solution

Centralizing the capture of important quality- and work-related field data, and giving process owners an easy way to understand and alert on it, allows for the capture and early identification of patterns, trends, and safety gaps consistently across projects.

Top Benefits

Deployable to everyone

Implementing software with a familiar user interface means that you can deploy it to everyone — even contractors — with little or no training. And a sophisticated data security model means users only see what they have explicitly been given the authority to see, while still giving you and other process owners the visibility you need.


The real work of a project doesn’t take place in an office — it takes place in the field, where the data is being generated that can tell you if things are proceeding according to plan, or if something’s about to go very wrong. Offline-capable mobile apps give you the ability to make sure all important data is collected, so it can be analyzed, trended, and shared.


Quality issues, lessons learned, supplier non-conformances, near-misses, and other important information can be shared across all your projects and rolled up to executives who require full visibility. Automated notifications keep you informed according to triggers you control, so you’ll never be blindsided by an avoidable event again.

Industry Leaders Trust DevonWay

GE Healthcare
DTE Energy


“We’re using multiple DevonWay products company-wide to not only effectively gather essential data, but more importantly to successfully evaluate critical leading and lagging indicators.”
Angela Ott | Senior Corporate Health and Safety Consultant, Arizona Public Service
“Great products being used by the site and getting us the results we need. The DevonWay folks were outstanding as always in their support and understanding of what we needed.”
Randy Thompson | Supervisor of Performance Improvement, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Company
“I have been using multiple DevonWay products for over eight years. The software is highly customizable and the DevonWay team is always willing to go the extra mile to make the experience right for you.”
John Christensen | President & CEO, Utilities Services Alliance
“Partnering with DevonWay was the right choice for our complex structure and variable interface needs. We have yet to find a workflow that DevonWay couldn’t model.”
Chris Hott | Director of Laboratory Performance, Idaho National Labs

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